Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sometimes bad things are blessings in diguise

      So we went on the vacation for 2.5 weeks and when we landed I was so excited about going to Danceaton (my fave class).  Come to find out that it has been cancelled and moved to Lifetime fitness I was sitting in the airport embarrassing my husband because I was bawling.  He said, "Well honey classes come and go, it is just part of the cycle."  I whined, "But, I am NEVER gonna find another class like that."
      While that still holds true the cancellation has forced me to branch out my workouts.  I went and did Body Pump today with Laura.  Not only is she AMAZING (Looking like Courtney Cox) but she is an inspiration as well, and she plays great music.  I walked in looking lost she guided me through the class.  It really holds up to its name, this class pumps your body.
       So it really is not that bad. Whenever your world comes tumbling down just look for the silver lining.  I promise it IS there even if you have to look with a telescope, and if that doesn't work just know someone somewhere out there has it worse than you so try to help them.  Be nice to people the golden rule is absolutely true.  No it is NOT "He who has the gold makes the rules"  It is "Treat others how you would like to be treated"  Put good out into world and it will come back to you, but put bad into the world and it will come back to you 3 fold.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sometimes you just need a vacation

We just took our honeymoon (3 years late) we took a Transatlantic cruise and it was awesome.  Snarla was the reason we had to delay.  This was the first time we had ever been alone together in a foreign country.  We've gone to Hawaii and Turks and Caicos but those were not exactly vacations because family was there.  We LOVE our family, however privacy is important to maintaining a successful marriage.