Friday, September 28, 2012


These are the before, after, and now photos.   Man when I was bald my nose looked HUGE or maybe it just the closeup.

It is alright

     I have been asked to recount my "Journey down the rabbit hole" for MD Anderson.  I knew I had forgotten important things, so I asked my family for what they remembered and thank god I did. All of this was blocked out because it was just to painful for my psyche to deal with. I poked the sleeping dog instead of letting it lie and now it is all coming back and allowing me to get closure.  Closure on the fact that it happened, I fought like hell and that is why I am still here.
     Never settle for a bad outcome.  Shop around until you find a doc that you love and trust enough to put your life in his or her hands because with all surgery, especially brain surgery they will have you life in their hand.  It is SO incredibly important for the journey to begin with trust and faith.

     Snarla was sneaky, when the docs first checked us (The team of Ange and Snarla) out their initial prognosis was that she was non-aggressive, but in a very bad spot.  I started listening to my body and kept on badgering while they symptoms got worse.  She was growing and I knew it.  None of my docs were incompetent, but they were mistaken about the tenacity of Snarla.
 Thats it for now.  I'll be back, you've been warned.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Alright, I know it has been a very long time since I posted.
Just wanted to let everyone know I am alright and thankfully in remission or so my radio-oncologist says.
The above is how I look now. That was taken on my 3rd wedding anniversary.  In 09 I was not sure I would have a 2nd anniversary much less a third.
     Cancer teaches us invaluable lessons that I now live by.  Don't procrastinate you never know when something bad is going to happen.  Live each day as if it is your last and laugh at the things that irritate you because you cannot change them.  Accept that some people will get tired of listening to you and tell you to stop talking about your experience.  Tell people how you feel about them and always end a conversation with the ones you love with "I love you" because we are all in the hands of God.
     I just recently had a good friend that told me to stop talking about it because it is not who I am.  I replied, "The cancer shaped me into who I am now.  So I will tell my story to anyone that will listen because I don't know what they are going through but, it may help them deal with their own problems.  It is like the butterfly effect."