Monday, December 20, 2010

It's called christmas not santa mas

Why am I not painting anymore? Simply because I made so many and they would not sell, I had to give them away.  I still have them coming out my ears.

     Anyway Christmas is a joyful time of year.  On the flipside you spend days and days thinking about the PERFECT gift for everyone, then it is all over in a matter of seconds.  A wise woman once told me that if they complain or say something like "Oh I already have that." or "I didn't want this" just don't get them anything ever again.  I think that is brilliant, not to mention logical and money saving.

     So one down and one to go. We leave Thursday for Florida to celebrate Christmas with Mikes family.
  I did not ask for anything this Christmas because I have all I need, my husband, family, faith, and health. 
On a side note I personally don't think christmas should be called xmas but I do think that people should say happy holidays just so they can be pc. Can't we all just get along???


Friday, December 17, 2010

not creating a bucket list yet!!!

So I feel great and the horses give me a sense of tranquility.  When I am at the stables I get this big smile on my face.  Horses are used  to routines and if you break their routines they get mad and fussy.  Case and point normally I take Kim out of her stall and into the corral,  then Daffney comes in from her corral into Kims stall, the Dearaz goes out into Daffneys corral.  Well yesterday I did the first 2 steps and then took Cash and Stoney out, Dearaz was so mad she pinned her ears and tried to bite Stoney on the rump as we walked past.  Dearaz wound up being the last to go out.  Normally when I put her in her corral she waits at the gate for me to put her halter up then come back and give her some love before she goes and gets the hay Daffney left.  Man that horse can hold a grudge.  She just walked away and then refused to come when I called.  So I figured if sweet talk doesn't work bribery will.  I was right I gave her a treat and all was forgiven. 
  Jewel is a ham, when I park she sees it as here duty to greet me.  Ebony is sweet as sweet can be she will walk right next to you as you walk thru the corral.  But her owner comes EVERY night and rides her and gives her love and affection.

   People don't realize just how therapeutic horses and humans are to each other.  If you take a kid that has been abused and or neglected and put him around horses they will teach him trust and love and vice versa.
So right now these horses are saving my life...yet again.  As I have always said: God forbid I go to a heaven without horses.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ahh sweet routine

I never thought I would say this but I am grateful my life is boring and predictable now.  Due to the fact that we never know when the next big thing will pop up I am reveling in this quiet time. 

  So I was really worried about my MRI, but Dr. Fink reassured me that it was stable so i don't have to worry about that.  The net day I got my 4th and final root canal and my headaches went away completely.  Now I only get a headache if my body is trying to tell me something i.e dehydrated, hungry, tired, sleeping too much etc.

    Something else is helping my headaches.  Horses.  I got a volunteer position at the English riding stables on Jupiter.  The owner that I have met, Freya is awesome~!~!  Sarah H. wrote a letter of reccomendation to prove that I have alot of horse experience.  I am eternally grateful to her for that.  If she had not done that I would still be in the house all day obsessing about my own death and worrying that every twinge of pain was snarla staging a comeback.  Now whenever I get nervous I go hang with the horses.  My favorites (don't tell them) are Dearaz, Tusca and Tommy.  I get to walk them to the grass, groom them and generally hang out with them and give them lots of love.  Tommy's owner has cancer and she can no longer come take care of him so I do it or as much as I can.  He is a TB which is a highly active breed and though I used to work with only Thoroughbreds I now don't have the strength to handle a highly skittish horse.  That and I don't want to risk getting kicked in the head.   I know he wouldn't mean to hurt me but they can easily injure me and if I did not know what I was doing they would.

   Teresa always wanted me to get out of the house and do something that I love, but the only thing I wanted to do was work and be around horses. Period.  I knew that was what would make me feel better and feel alive again so thank god for Sarah Hamilton. 

Did I mention I am free labor? But I am not exactly free my payment is being around these majestic, calm, and healing creatures. Once again horses will save my life.  Once again I realize that I have something  to live for: God, my husband, horses, and prove snarla is a little weenie biznatch.

Thanks again for reading.  I could not do this without you guys.  Thank you.