Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grey Matters

child hood. trauma emotional scarring that never heals btw...and that 5 yr old grew up to have brain cancer.  My luck I will go into remission then die from a bird flying into my head at full speed. I have decided firmly that 10% of the profit on ANY of my art goes to Grey Matters.  My support group.  Feel free to donate.

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  1. In the book "Generation X" there is a scene near the end where the hero of the book is on an outing with a bunch of mentally handicapped kids and a bird swoops out of the air and smacks him in the head. While sitting in pain on the beach, the handicapped kids all surround him, start hugging and reassuring him. Of course they can't administer First Aid as they don't know how, but the love they provide is enough for our hero.

    He lives, by the way.

    "All you need is love..."

    The CT Crew