Saturday, December 12, 2009

going going gone...

well the 'Rents are leaving tommorrow. I guess i was just too much for them, they realize what they are sticking mike with AND they know but don't understand the brain damage to my frontal lobe hell, i know and don't understand. I never figured them to be the "cut bait and run" SOrt of people. I guess they will be satellite support from now on. I mean they really shouldn't have come this early but I and my family are glad they did. The bad thing is they drove and now they have to drive back. Flight would be easier. They were going to stay for the long haul until 12/26. well that didn't happen
Stephen alluded to being here under threat of leaving mike elected not to do that period. Stephen said "can i grab her?" As if I weren't there in the room. I was heartily offended.
The other thing that offended me today was a physical therapist we were playing jenga you know the game with the block tower and he said, "when you play with "normal" people?" I know i have a traumatic brain injury but come on folks.
1. don't talk about the person as if they are not there


  1. But little one... you don't play with "normal" people... none of us (your friends) are normal... not by a long shot!

    We may have to go rent some normal people for us to all play with. I just don't know where those folk hang out... anyone else know?


  2. Andrea, I have to correct you. Dad did not say "can i grab her?"

    He said something like, "I can't grab her. I can't do anything to keep her calm." He was really at a lost on what to do with you.