Wednesday, November 18, 2009

snarla i'ma gonna let him cut on you!!!!

Here is the deal briefly,
Tumor: size of a grapefruit in my frontal left lobe. Doc is going to have to do surgery while I am awake...(wicked scary, but a great opportunity for me to see my attacker) I will apparently come face to mirror to surgeon with Snarla and then he will try to weezle her out while doing the least amount of damage to me. He sounds certain that I will come out of this with some serious possibly permanent deficit. I told him Mike would choose speech Yes people I could be mute. Don't get your hope up I could still type. However, I could also be paralyzed on the right side as well as mute...again I will hunt and peck my way into your lives all over again and babies learn to talk all the time I'll just learn from babies.

I have greatt attitude scared over the top but told the doc I am not ready to die yet b/c I haven't pissed enough people off. Apparently I am attempting to fill my lifes word quota in 5 days. Thats tough. Maybe I already hit my word quota and god is firmly saying shush. check the blog bc writing will hurt and I appreciate the thoughts and well wishes and prayers and all other god feeling things Thank you all so much.
This is not good night and good luck this is "I'M COMING FOR YOU SNARLA YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!" how dare she mess with me!!
love AJG

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  1. I don't know you personally, but I can see you are a FIGHTER! My tumor was where yours is-- I can talk and walk now! Just keep that attitude, Andrea & never give up!!!