Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deuling Bajos? God I hope not./Is any body reading these????

So I am leaving for my second opinion at UAB today. So I know this was done in my dear sweet home state of Jawwwja (Georgia in southern drawl script) but if I am going to Alabama why oh why do I have the theme from Deliverance running through my head?
!!!!!!!!!!!!Zombieland!!!!!!! Tallahassee opens the door and plucks a few string to deuling banjos and the UBER FAT zombie come barreling out , go figure they were in a grocery store...Guys rule #1 CARDIO!!!!!!

Bryan said he liked the 1 or 2 paragraph blogs and to be honest I do too, you prolly do too unless you just scanned this, then miss out on all the cancerrific comedy fun.
Not that I am taking a reader poll but let me know whats up guys, I spend my days trapped in the house b/c I cannot drive. Everyone told me "Get a hobby" so my hobby became inflicting my blog upon the world tehehe. AT least I make it entertaining (I think)


  1. Fortune cookies shouldn't go unopened, so I opened yours for you.

    Getting the right answers is only possible
    when you have asked the right questions

    How's that for a good one? :-)

    And not to short you on your complete fortune cookie enjoyment:

    Learn Chinese: To Taste (chang-yi)
    Lucky Numbers: 18 45 51 8 21 43

  2. I'm reading, just got started a little late. This is Rocky the girl who was in neuroscience with you at utd..don't know if you remember me. I am pulling, praying, wishing, and hoping for you!!!