Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Two: Out of ICU

Now she is out of ICU. She's in a room that is quieter and has more light control.

The nurse her gave her some goals when she arrived.
  1. Call, don't fall.
  2. Pain control
  3. Eat
  4. Pee and poop
  5. Walk
  6. Go Home! :)
Right now she's sleeping after eating her Thanksgiving meal.

Earlier in the day, She got to see Pope, Fran, Leigh, Alicia and Amy which brought her spirits up. Then Andrea and I started talking. However, I was the one doing all of the talking. I told her about the "lightheaded" joke I made in a previous post. She expressed her disapproval (Oops. My bad). I proceeded to playfully pick on her, like I usually do, since I had the upper hand by being able to talk. But she had one trick still in her arsenal. She proceeded to give me the middle-finger with her right hand. That made me so proud of her. Not only did she still have the ability to show me the middle-finger, she did it with her right hand which is controlled by her left brain (the side that controls motion on the right side of the body and where the Snarla resided). Snarly could not take that away from her. So it was a good day overall.

I'm not sure how much longer she will stay in the hospital. The pamphlet they gave us before the surgery implied that she would be discharged tomorrow. But the nurses have been suggesting that she will be here through the weekend. I kind of hope she stays one or two more days. She is still struggling with a lot of other things that she may not be ready for the real world out there.

Again, I'll keep you updated.

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  1. Thinking of you all and hope she gets to go home very soon.

    I had my brain tumor removed left frontal lobe in June this year.