Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5: Mostly Same Stuff, Different Day

Not much happened today. We did meet with a resident from Dr. Lang's office. He suggested that Andrea would probably be best served with outpatient rehabilitation, as opposed to inpatient and would be ready for discharge tomorrow. He was basing this opinion, I think, based on his visits of Andrea, which is usually during times when she is at her best behavior (lots of energy, no pain). However, he never seems to see her during times when she is in great pain and requires morphine to quell it. I was not in position to question this analysis since he came around 6 am, which is around the time I just woke up (Andrea for some reason was up and full of energy way early before I was). Regardless, I talk to a doctor from the physical rehab clinic here, who saw Andrea on Friday, and he came to a different conclusion. He felt that she would be best served with inpatient rehab, as opposed to outpatient. We'll see how this plays out tomorrow. I bought two tickets back to Dallas through Southwest for tomorrow to make sure we have somthing lined up in case we do get discharged.

We did have the cinematic movie moment for this continuing saga today. Andrea and I went walking around the hospital. We ended up in this place called Kim's Place, a place for the under-30 cancer crowd to hang out, play video games and get free soft drinks and food. Nobody was inside so they let this 40 year old square inside with his 28-year old hipster wife. We played against each other in one of those car racing video games, which I won... Just barely. We looked at some of the books they had there. I was looking through this Ripley's Believe It Or Not book that was just disgusting. Then I noticed a jukebox. I walked over to it and noticed it had some Dave Mathews CDs, Andrea's favorite singer. So I put on the song "Crash". Andrea then just started to sing it word for word, as if nothing had happened to her. She let go a few joyful tears since she realized that she can still remember and sing along with the songs she loved. It was a good moment to be around. You had to be there.


  1. That second paragraph sounds joyful!

  2. Mike,
    I hope that you and Andrea had a good night. It sounds like you had some fun quality-time yesterday. I am keeping you both in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us posted!

    Please, give Andrea a hug for me.